Purchase Titles Cards to brand yourself or other players.

Note after purchasing: Once purchased, claim them in any of the Sunrust Game Servers (via Claim Purchases button or by typing !claim in chat) then type /titlebrand in order to use your title cards.

Title Branding Guidelines - Last Update: Jan 23, 2022 at 05:00AM EST
Currently In-Game Rules will apply as normal for this feature. In addition to the following specific rules:

  • No extreme cases of harassment allowed against someone. (eg. titles such as "Bad Mapper" are fine, but doxing or insulting their real life status isn't.)
  • No racial slurs, words, and/or phrases allowed. This also includes attempts to bypass the filter.
  • No sexual/inappropriate comments, regardless of the player's gender or status.
  • No titles that may exploit/bug/break the chatbox. This will be dealt swiftly with a fix if found.

Any attempts to bypass, exploit, or violate the guidelines, within the title branding system, will result in a ban and/or removal of your title cards. Any other un-specified rules will be added/updated in the future as needed. While Super Admins are not restricted to be title branded by other users, they also hold the discretion to unlock the title if they deem it problematic to be kept on. Same for any title branding that occurs within any user in the server.

4 Title Cards

10 Title Cards

25 Title Cards

75 Title Cards

200 Title Cards